Specialist clay workshops for infant and primary school children with Sue Buckle and Kristyn Taylor. Contact us


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Frequently asked general questions.

  • Are Ceramics in Schools insured?

    Yes we are fully insured.

  • Do Kris and Sue have the Working with Children Check?

    Yes, they have the new Working with Children Check.




Frequently asked questions about individual projects.

  • What does the classroom teacher need to provide?

    Kris and Sue provide all materials needed and plastic to cover the desks.

  • What shall we make?

    Kris and Sue have lots of age appropriate project ideas that fit in with the curriculum and are both fun and challenging for students to make.

  • Do we need to have our project ideas arranged before the visit?

    Yes and no!

    It's good for us to have some idea of what you would like to make so that we can prepare. However, we are brimming with ideas and have no trouble coming up with great projects on the spot.



Frequently asked questions about MURALS.

  • We want a mural, so what is the procedure?

    Kris and Sue will visit your school to look at the site.

    We will discuss the theme, who and how many students will be involved.

    We will discuss how the mural will be mounted, either on villa board or directly to the brick.

    We will provide a drawing of the proposal and a costing.

    Times for making and glazing are locked in.

  • What is the price and are there any extra costs?

    Price will be  discussed at the time and depends on numbers of students and size of mural. Installation is extra.


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